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When you submit your booking, we will contact you via the email you provided within 24 hours with the payment details.

Payment needs to be made within 1 month from this application.

No refunds will be issued.

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  • Tattooing is STRICTLY 18+
    The law in Malta states that tattoos can only be done on clients which are over 18 years old. Anyone caught tattooing underage people will be shutdown immediately. Do not expect any backup from the convention. Moreover, you will be banned from participating again in the Malta Tattoo Expo.

  • Abuse will NOT be tollerated.
    Everyone is there to have a good time. The crew is there to help you have the best experience possible. We don't tollerate any kind of abuse, be it physical, verbal, sexual or otherwise. Any abuse will result in a fast exist from the convention and possibly reported to authorities.

  • No Egos.
    We pride ourself in having a very friendly convention. Egos should be left at home.

  • Booths are on a first come first served basis.
    Booths which remain unpaid for more than 1 Month will be dropped and given to someone else. You will NOT be listed in the attending Artist/Vendor section until your bill is paid in full.

  • ALL artists MUST send their Hepatitis B Vaccination and Hepatitis B Titer Results (In ENGLISH) NOT later than 1 MONTH before the date of the convention.
    This is a Health Department regulation which we cannot do anything about.

  • Loud music in booths will NOT be accepted.
    Please remember that other artists are trying to work as well and not everyone might like your taste in music. Please consider using headphones.

  • The competitions are NOT mandatory.
    We provide the competitions for FREE and do NOT gain anything if you win or lose. If you cannot handle criticism and/or losing, don't participate.

  • Early dismantling is highly frowned upon.
    People pay money to come and see you work. Dismantling your booth early on Sunday is disrespectful both to the crowd as well as the convention.

  • Release Forms ARE Mantatory
    It is the responsibility of the artist to collect signed release forms from ALL clients. You can expect inspections by health authorities and must have all your documents available. We will NOT be responsible if the health authorities shut down your booth and no refunds will be given.

  • Tattooing after closing
    We are flexiible, 10-15 minutes to finish up your work is OK but please keep in mind that the crew is there from early hours in the morning until very late at night (long after you leave) to clean up and prepare everything for the next day. Please plan your work hours accordingly.

  • Health & Safety practices as well as Hygiene are a must
    Your booth needs to be clean at all times. You wouldn't want a dirty studio, right? Needles go in the provided sharps containers NOT in bin bags. Always use gloves and disposable supplies. You are a professional and we expect professionality.

  • NO Smoking, Food or Drinks in the Booths/Stands
    There are designated areas where you can eat, drink and smoke. Booths are not one of them.

  • Be responsible.
    We take security very seriously. We have cameras and security personnel throughout the venue, even at night. With that said, the convention will not be held responsible for any losses and or stolen items.

  • Shutting down of booth.
    The convention reserves the right to shutdown any artist or booth and no refunds will be given.

  • Have Fun
    Everyone is there to enjoy themselves! Don't ruin it for yourself and others. Excessive drinking will NOT be tollerated. If you can't handle your alcohol, don't drink. Also, if you are driving, don't drink. Taxis are available at any time and any of the crew can help you get one.